Blackfyre Global’s companies span across Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States

Blackfyre Health

Blackfyre Health is a physician-owned and physician-led organisation delivering tailored medical solutions in Australia. With expertise in aeromedical evacuation, search and rescue, regional healthcare, nursing placements, immunisations, marine medical services, and resource sector support, Blackfyre Health ensures timely and comprehensive healthcare services across diverse sectors.

Blackfyre Security and Defence

Blackfyre Security and Defence prioritises safety and protection for its clients. We offer a comprehensive range of services including Close Personal Protection, Garrison operations, Drone Engineering and manufacturing. Commited to excellence and innovation, Blackfyre Security and Defence is dedicated to safeguarding what matters most to you.

Blackfyre Aviation and Aerospace

Blackfyre Aviation and Aerospace, an integral part of the Blackfyre Global network, is pleased to introduce Universal Air Ltd, our wholly-owned subsidiary specialising in charter and management services. Operating globally, including in the Asia Pacific region, Universal Air Ltd offers reliable and high-quality services. Additionally, Blackfyre Aviation (Malta) extends our services, providing engineering and maintenance solutions across Europe with Part 145, engineering services and maintenance. With our EASA AOC accreditation and ownership of x7 Q400 and Dash 100 aircraft, Blackfyre Aviation and Aerospace upholds a standard of excellence in the industry.

Majority-Owned Equatorial Launch Australia

Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) located in the Arnhem Space Centre is a multi-user commercial spaceport. Positioned at 12 degrees south of the equator, this distinctive launch site provides strategic benefits for space missions. ELA maintains a connection with Aboriginal peoples. ELA marks the inaugural commercial launch in Australia, with NASA as its cornerstone customer and the first launch for NASA by a commercial organisation outside the continental USA.

Blackfyre Hotels and Resorts

Introducing Blackfyre Pacifika, the epitome of luxury and tranquility nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Fiji. As part of the esteemed Emaho Brand, our resort embodies the essence of Pacific island hospitality, offering guests an unforgettable escape into paradise. With unparalleled attention to detail and bespoke experiences, Blackfyre Pacifika invites you to immerse yourself in pure relaxation and rejuvenation. From pristine beaches to lush tropical gardens, every moment at our resort is crafted to exceed your expectations. Whether you seek adventure or serenity, indulge in the ultimate Fiji experience with Blackfyre Pacifika.

Blackfyre Capital

Blackfyre Capital, a private equity firm based in Cyprus, collaborates with the Aegis Trust Foundation/Walker Family Office to specialise in investments primarily within the financial and aviation sectors. Notably, Blackfyre Capital holds significant investments in Wingate Group Holdings, demonstrating its strategic focus and commitment to fostering growth and innovation in these industries.