At Blackfyre Global, our diverse ventures span the globe, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation. From majority owning Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA), the multi-user commercial spaceport located at the Arnhem Space Centre, to Blackfyre Security and Defence, ensuring safety through a range of services including Close Personal Protection and surveillance drone manufacturing. We extend our dedication to excellence to Blackfyre Health, providing tailored medical solutions across Australia, and Blackfyre Aviation and Aerospace, offering reliable charter and management services globally. Additionally, Blackfyre Hotels and Resorts presents Blackfyre Pacifika, an oasis of luxury nestled in Fiji’s stunning landscapes. With strategic investments in financial and aviation sectors, Blackfyre Capital drives growth and innovation, cementing our position as a global leader in diversified industries.

The head of the dragon is inspired by the iconic Welsh dragon.

Founder of Blackfyre Global

Dr. Andrew Walker is the Founder and Chairman of Blackfyre Global, an International, diversified industrial with divisions in Aviation (Universal Air), Space (Equatorial Launch Australia), Healthcare (Blackfyre Global Australia Healthcare), Medico-Legal Disbursements (Pinnacle Healthcare), Hospitality (The Emaho Resorts) and Private Equity (Blackfyre Capital).

Andrew has founded 18 companies and served on numerous Company Boards, both Listed and Private.

In 2016, he, was Ernst & Young’s “Australian Entrepreneur of the Year” and has been inducted into the EY Entrepreneur Global Hall of Fame-twice. Andrew is a past Chairman of the Pan Asia (Gold) and Melbourne Chapters of the Young President Organization. He has earned an MBA from Melbourne Business School. In 2016 Andrew was awarded the University of Newcastle’s National Leadership Award.

Andrew has founded two Charities, the latest being the Insight Health Foundation looking to support injured soldiers from the current Ukrainian conflict as a result of the Russian aggression.